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Faridnagar, Ghaziabad


Faridnagar is a small town in Tehsil Modinagar in district Ghaziabad. It is situated on Begumabad-Hapur road 30 miles from the district headquarter and merely 2 kilometers from Bhojpur Block.

The town owes its name to Farid-ud-din Khan, an officer in the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar. The emperor gave away this town as a Jagir or an estate as a reward for his loyalty. The jagir covering seventeen villages was situated between Pilkhua and Begmabad.

Faridnagar used to be a garrison town, a kind of military post for Mughal army comprising mainly Baloch soldiers. It was also a home to a mint or taksal that manufactured coins during the period of Akbar and his son Jahangir.

A residential locality in the town, called Garhi Ballochan, housed the Balloch soldiers and their families. Its entrance is guarded by an iron gate. Close to Garhi Balochan is a beautiful mosque named Jama Masjid. Faridnagar was a flourishing town during the reign of Akbar.

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