All You Need To Know About Kanyakumari

Panch Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri


The Panch Mahal is an elaborate, columnar five storey structure built as a pleasure palace of sorts

Fatehpur Sikri photos, Panch Mahal - Complete Structure
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by King Akbar. He used it to relax and unwind and also for entertainment purposes. The palace has an open sided theme wherein each floor is smaller than the last, and every floor is held up by asymmetrical pillars.

The palace was also specially planned to cater to the emperor’s queens and princess. A special screen was installed to act as a purdah for the women watching shows from inside. The palace lies close to the Anup Talao which was a beautiful and one-of-its-kind water tank built by King Akbar for water storage and distribution purposes.

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