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Anup Talao, Fatehpur Sikri

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The Anup Talao is a magnificent, one-of-its kind water tank built in front of Akbar’s private quarters. It is situated in front of the Khawabgah complex and was the most impressive tanks of its times. The red sandstone structure has a beautiful platform and well planned viewing and seating places around it. The structure is connected by mini causeways by all four sides. In the old days, it was specially connected to the main water system to ensure a regular flow of fresh water into it.

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As per old texts and records, it is claimed that the tank was filled with several silver and gold coins that shimmered when the sunrays hit them. Most of these coins were later given away in charity by Jehangir. In fact, the emperor had mentioned in his memoirs that he had distributed one crore three lakhs coins that were emptied out of the tank for the purposes of charity.


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