All You Need To Know About Kanyakumari

Jain Group Of Caves, Ellora

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Cave 30

Ellora photos, Jain Group Of Caves - Cave 34
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Known as the Chota Kailasha, this cave attempts to copy Cave no. 16 of the Hindu Group, thought it is nowhere even close to the original carvings. It is unfinished and has the depiction of Lord Mahavira seated on a throne.

Cave 32

A series of shrined, Cave 32 is known as the Indra Sabha which means ‘An Assembly Hall of Indra’. It is devoted to Lord Mahavira – the founder of Jainism. It is double storeyed with the entrance leading you to a small court. There is a massive monolithic shrine right in the centre, called Manastambha alongside a monolithic elephant to the left.

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Cave 33 (Jagannath Sabha)

Known as the Jagannath Sabha, this cave is merely an extension to the earlier cave and carries the same kind of paintings and sculptures in it.

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