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Moderkhat Satra, Dibrugarh


The Moderkhat Satra is an extension of the Dinjoy Satra. Chandrakantadev, the brother of Sidanandadeb Dinjoy, the head priest of Dinjoy Satra founded it. The Moderkhat Satra is located about 5 kilometres from the township of Chabua in Dibrugarh district. It is well connected to the rest of the city with local taxis, rickshaws and buses.

The Moderkhat Satra like the Dinjoy Satra is respected not only by the people of Dibrugarh but also by all the devotees who come visiting it. In the earlier days, primarily during the Ahom rule, Satras were established not only as religious institutions but also as a place which would educate the masses about the culture of the Ahoms.

Today the Moderkhat Satra, along with the many other Satra is Assam stand as a reminder of just that. They have transformed into being more of socio-cultural institutions.

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