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Dhar Photos

Dhar photos, Bagh Caves - Buddhist caves
The Bagh caves also known as the Buddhist caves are located in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh.
Photos Courtesy : en.wikipedia.org
Dhar photos, Bagh Caves - cave6
The distant view of the Bagh caves.Situated on the banks of Baghini river the Bagh caves are one of the finest example of Buddhist architecture.
Photos Courtesy : commons.wikimedia.org/
Dhar photos, Bagh Caves - Rock Cut Caves
The entrance of the Bagh caves or the Buddhist caves in Dhar.There are beautiful murals in these rock cut chambers.
Photos Courtesy : commons.wikimedia.org
Dhar photos, Bagh Caves -The Ruins
The view of the ruins of the five caves out of nine survives today.The famous Buddhist caves has paintings and sculptures inside.
Photos Courtesy : commons.wikimedia.org
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