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Nahar Ghat, Deogarh


There are three major ghats in Deogarh notably the Nahar Ghat, the Rajghat and ghat leading from Siddi ki gufa (the saints cave) on the Betwa River. These scenic ghats or flights of steps leading to the river Betwa are of great archaeological significance.

The Nahar (literally translated as boat) ghat is located at the east end of the Deogarh fort and comprises steep steps that lead down from the plateau of the fort to the Betwa river. The ghat is constructed parallel to the wall of the cliff and the river.

The cliffs above the ghat are studded with Gupta sculptures and inscriptions that date to various periods. Of the three ghats, the Nahar ghat is considered richest and has several niches, which house lingas and various deities.

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