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Chausath Khamba, Delhi

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Chausat Kambha is a tomb in Delhi, built by Mirza Aziz Koka – son of Ataga Khan who was the prime minister of emperor Akbar, as a tomb for himself during th year 1623-24. Chausat Kambha, named after the two Urdu words Chausat and Kambha which mean '64 pillars' respectively was construed during the rule of Jahangir in Delhi.

Delhi photos, Chausath Khamba - A Close View
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Present in Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti, Chausat Kambha is a square structure built out of white marble and consists of 64 columns that support 25 bays, each of which support a dome. These domes are inside the building structure the roof of which appears flat from the outside.

Declared a heritage structure, this monument is part of the Nizamuddin religious complex. Also, present in the monument's vicinity are other heritage structures like the tomb of Ataga Khan, the URS Mahal – an assembly hall and the Mirza Ghalib Tomb – the tomb of renowned Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib. And close by the tomb of Ghalib, there is the Ghalib Academy housing an Urdu literature library and a museum showcasing the works and collections of artworks and paintings of Mirza Ghalib.


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