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Ucchangidurga, Davanagere

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Located in the Harapanahalli taluk of Davanagere district, Ucchangidurga is at a distance of 30km from Davanagere and is famous for its historical importance.This place has seen a lot of dynasties starting from the Pallavas, Kadambas to the Vijayanagara empire. It is said that an inscription from the 4th century on the fierce battle that was fought between the Pallavas and the Kadambas is found in Anaji. Now, Ucchangidurga is a crumbling edifice due to heavy rainfalls and a lot of human encroachment, the fort is at its fall now. However, the quarters for elephants, horses and soldiers is still visible. It is under the maintenance of the ASI department and permission for rock-climbing has been restricted. The hill also has a shrine built for Ucchangamma and the place was once as Ucchashringi and there is an annual fair that happens every year with great fervour and gaiety.

Davanagere photos, Ucchangidurga - Uchangidurga_fortress_area-Restoration_in_progress
Image source:Angadi.anandkumar
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