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St George’s Church, Coonoor


St. George’s Church was constructed during the days of the British Raj. Designed by Colonel J.T. Boileau, the construction of the church was finished in the year 1826. It is a cantonment church with deep ochre stucco and white inlay work. To approach the interior of the church, one has to pass through a vestibule.

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Brunda Nagaraj
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The design of the church takes you back to the days of the Raj. With the vaulted roof held in place by ionic columns and the gothic sculptures that serve as decorations St. George’s Church is a type of building that is rarely found in India.

The altar of the church demands special mention. It is almost completely made of beautiful white marble with gorgeous inlay work. The very setting of the church amidst trees is one of the reasons for the peaceful aura it exudes. It is located quite close to the town of Coonoor and is easily reachable.

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