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Lamb’s Rock, Coonoor

Must Visit

Lamb’s Rock is another famous tourist attraction in Coonoor. Have you ever climbed to the top of a mountain and looked down at the plains? Have you ever enjoyed the grassy green and red earth, stretching out as far as the eyes can see and felt like god for a moment? If you haven’t, then Lamb’s Rock is the place to go to make you feel that way. Located 8 kilometers from Coonoor, Lamb’s Rock offers the visitor a breathtaking view of the Coimbatore plains.

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Image source:Thangaraj Kumaravel
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Travel Talk

It is a great place to go for a picnic with the family. It was named after Captain Lamb, who put in concerted efforts to make a path to the spot. Lamb’s Rock is a place found en route to Dolphin’s nose, another spectacular tourist spot, affording a breathtaking view.

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