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Chandravalli, Chitradurga

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Located in Chitradurga district of Karnataka, Chandravalli is an archaeological site. The valley of Chandravalli is formed by the hills Chitradurga, Kirabanakallu and Cholagudda. The excavations here have found coins, earthen pots and painted bowls from various dynasties like Hoysalas, Vijayanagara and Satavahana.

Chitradurga photos, Chandravalli - Lake Near The Cave Temple
Image source:Nagarjun Kandukuru
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The place was named Chandanavati, which was later renamed as Chandravalli. One of the main attractions here is the Chandravalli cave temple (Ankali Matha) which is a pre-historic site. Another important place to visit here is Bhairaweshwara temple.

This is a place of interest for students of history and research. It is located around 4km away from Chitradurga.

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