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Chanderi Fort, Chanderi

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Chanderi Fort is the most renowned monument of Chanderi. The fort stands proudly at a height of 71 meters above the town on a hill. The fort is fortified with a 5km long wall. This important attraction of Chanderi tourism was built by King Kirti Pal in the 11th century. The fort has witnessed several attacks and has been re-built a number of times.

Chanderi photos, Chanderi Fort -Khooni Darwaza
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The fort has three gates for entrance. The uppermost gate is known as Hawa Paur, and the lowermost gate is known as Khooni Darwaza. The southwest side of the fort has an interesting gateway called the Katti-Ghatti.

There are several tourist attractions situated inside the Chanderi fort, like the Khilji Mosque, Naukhanda palace, tomb of Hazrat Abdul Rahman, etc. A rest house situated on the northern ridge of the fort is the main attraction of the monument as it presents a wonderful view of the town below.


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