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Bala Kila, Chanderi


Bala Kila is a small but significant fort. It is situated at the footholds of the hill containing Kirti Durg. The fort was named Bala Kila by Cunningham. Bala Kila has a circular mainstay with a dimension of 7 m and is placed at of 70 m. Stone blocks from the fort reach up to Badal Mahal. The interesting fact is that Bala Kila has no gateway near the Badal Mahal Darwaza.

The structural design of the fort is typical of the architecture that was prevalent in Chanderi during the 15th century. The defense wall of the fort has a hollow corridor running along the inner wall. The Bala Kila walls are built to be of 8 m high.

The fort had gateways that opened towards the Kirti Durg and the Purani Adalat or Nyayalaya. The fort has a complex structure, and that is why it holds interest for the tourists.


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