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Chandel Weather

Similar to the rest of Manipur, Chandel too experiences tropical monsoon climate and has three distinct seasons, namely, summers, monsoon and winter.

Live Weather Forecast
Chandel,Manipur 26 ℃ Sunny
Wind: 9 from the NNW Humidity: 80% Pressure: 1010 mb Cloud Cover: 21%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Friday 28 Apr 37 ℃99 ℉ 25 ℃ 76 ℉
Saturday 29 Apr 37 ℃98 ℉ 24 ℃ 75 ℉
Sunday 30 Apr 37 ℃99 ℉ 24 ℃ 76 ℉
Monday 01 May 37 ℃98 ℉ 25 ℃ 76 ℉
Tuesday 02 May 37 ℃98 ℉ 25 ℃ 77 ℉

Chandel experiences summers from March till about May or June. The maximum temperature that the town and the district has experienced is 35 degrees Celsius. Since the temperature does tend to rise considerably, comfortable cotton clothes are a must when visiting Chandel during the summers. Thunderstorms are also common during this time.


Heavy showers can be experienced from June to September. Perennial rainfall is a part and parcel of the district much like what is seen in the rest of the state. Since there is continuous rainfall during these months, humidity increases making the season quite unpleasant. It isn’t the best time to visit Chandel.


The temperature tends to drop considerably during the winters in Chandel. They can get as low as 0 degrees Celsius. The peak winter months are December, January and February. Winter is quite long and thus proper protection is a must for the season. While travelling adequate woollens must be carried.