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Bordi Beach, Bordi

Must Visit

The Bordi Beach, most often referred to as the Dahanu-Bordi Beach, lies in the village of Bordi and is adored for its pristine and tranquil panoramic beauty. Spanning over a 17 km stretch, the sea line extends from Dahanu all the way to Bordi and makes for a beautiful, breathtaking sight.

The Bordi Beach is extremely safe for visitors. Swimming in the beach is permitted and devoid of any danger since the up to almost half a kilometre, the water does not rise above waist level. It constitutes of sticky, black sand and chikoo orchard that lines the shore.

The cause behind the beach’s popularity is its natural calm. It has not been artificially beautified, and its inherent natural beauty keeps making the visitors come back for more.

The Maharashtra Woods Preservation Group is concerned with the maintenance and management of the beach.

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