Nelliyampathy : An Untouched Haven in Kerala

Upri Buruj (Also called as Uppali Buruz), Bijapur


'Recommended' for visit, Upri Buruj situated in the north of Dakhani Idgah in Bijapur, was built by Hyder Khan around 1584. This 80 feet high spherical structure tower has stone steps encircling from the outside. Also known as Uppali Buruz, this place contains old war materials such as guns and water cisterns. The top of the Upri Burj, also denoted as Hyder Burj, gives a revealing view of the city. This tower has a parafeet, used for keeping an eye on the intruders, which has been fenced now. To reach the top of the tower, travellers will have to climb the circular stairs.

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