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Jumma Masjid, Bijapur


Travellers on their trip to Bijapur are 'recommended' to visit Jumma Masjid as it is of great historical importance. It is one of the most famous religious monuments situated in Bijapur and was built by the King of Adil Shahi Dynasty, Ali Adil Shah I (1557-1580) in order to celebrate his triumph in Talikota Battle.

Bijapur photos, Jumma Masjid - Jama Masjid
Image source:Mukul Banerjee
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It is the largest mosque in this region spanning over a large area of 10,810 sq. m. The mosque consists of a nice dome, big courtyard and attractive arches. For the worshippers, there are around 2,250 black squares raised on the floor.

This mosque contains a copy of holy Quran written in gold and has onion shaped dome that rests on the sides of the hall, divided into 45 beams. Surrounded by 33 domes, the middle of this mosque has a fountain, a hall and a dome. There are 12 arches put together with 12 interleaving arches and a gateway which was designed by last Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.

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