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Solah Khamba Mosque, Bidar

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Solah Khamba Mosque is popularly called as Zanana Masjid. Located around 2.8km from Bidar railway station, the Solah Khamba mosque was built between 1423 ans 1424 by Qubil Sultani. The structure gets its name from the 16 pillars of the prayer hall.

Bidar photos, Solah Khamba Mosque - Wall at the Mosque
Image source:Pavithrah
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The Solah Khamba Mosque is a part of Bidar Fort. This hall was the principle place of worship within the fort. This is one of the largest mosques in India. The mosque is built with beautiful arches, columns and domes, next to Rangin Mahal. The mosque is 90m long and 24m wide.

From the top of the mosque, the Bidar Fort is visible at its best.  

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