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Parvati Cave, Bhojpur

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The Cave of Parvati is another offering of Bhojpur tourism. Facing the Bhojeshwar Temple is the famous Cave of Parvati. It is a typical rock shelter on the west side of the Betwa. The cave is now used by religious mendicants.

Bhojpur photos, Parvati Cave - Architectural Remains
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A visit to the cave can take you to the marvelous 11th century world where you can see a lot of ancient sculptures and architectural fragments. Since it is still a hub of religious mendicants, the flavor of the space is as lively as it might have been thousands of years ago.

Tourists can coin visits to Bhojeshwar Temple, Rock Drawings And Quarries, Cave of Parvati and the remains of the Bhoja’s Royal Palace together to make them mesmerized in this ancient world.


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