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Bhoja's Royal Palace, Bhojpur

Must Visit

After paying a visit to the cave of Parvati, you can venture out to visit the remains of Bhoja’s Royal Palace. The entire palace is now destroyed with only the surviving foundations. Even though, the palace is not present in its full might, the foundations do give the onlookers a hint about the possible valor it had in the yesteryears.

Bhojpur photos, Bhoja's Royal Palace - Ruins of the Palace
Image source:en.wikipedia.org
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The complex is laid out as a grid with its courtyard lying in the centre. The orientation of the site plan is according to the architectural treatise attributed to king Bhoja titled Samaranganasutradhara. The palace with its carved blocks and engraved graffiti on the rock floor is spectacular.

One can also see diagrams for games laid out from the eleventh century giving you a sense of royal entertainment.


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