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Bhagsu Weather

The climate of Bhagsu remains temperate all round the year. Weather is moderate during the summer season and quite cold during the winters.


(May to June): May marks the beginning of the summer season in Bhagsu, which lasts till June. During this season, the temperature of the place ranges between 13� C and 20� C. Tourists prefer visiting the place during summers because of the favourable weather conditions.


(July to August): Monsoon season in Bhagsu begins in July and lasts till August. Many tourists prefer visiting the destination in the month of September when there is no rainfall.


(November to February): Winter season extends between the months of November and February. During winters, the temperature of the place ranges from 3� C to 8� C. Travellers are advised to carry woollen clothes while visiting the destination in the months of December and January when the region experiences heavy snowfall.