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Baramulla Weather

The district of Baramulla experiences sub-tropical climate, and as a reason summers are warm and winters are extremely cold. The destination receives mild rainfall during monsoons.

Live Weather Forecast
Srinagar, India 21 ℃ Patchy rain possible
Wind: 7 from the N Humidity: 52% Pressure: 1014 mb Cloud Cover: 6%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Sunday 23 Apr 25 ℃76 ℉ 8 ℃ 47 ℉
Monday 24 Apr 18 ℃65 ℉ 5 ℃ 41 ℉
Tuesday 25 Apr 25 ℃77 ℉ 6 ℃ 42 ℉
Wednesday 26 Apr 26 ℃79 ℉ 7 ℃ 44 ℉
Thursday 27 Apr 27 ℃80 ℉ 8 ℃ 46 ℉

(April to July): The summer season at Baramulla starts from April and ends in the month of July. The maximum and minimum temperatures in the region during summers have been recorded at 40 degree Celsius and 5 degree Celsius respectively. Travellers planning a trip to Baramulla should visit the destination during this time.


(August and September): The monsoon season in Baramulla commences in the month of August and lasts till September. Mild but unpredictable rainfall has been recorded during this season. Travellers are suggested not to visit the destination during the monsoon season.


(November to February): November marks the onset of the winter season that continues till the month of February. The maximum and minimum temperatures in Baramulla during winters have been recorded at 24℃ and - 14℃ respectively. The region experiences heavy snowfall during the winter months. This season is the ideal time for tourists interested in undertaking skiing.