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Anjuna Weather

The best time to visit Goa is during the months of October through a little after December. This is when one finds very comfortable temperature, and the new year is just around the corner, which makes Goa bustle with tourists from all over the world!

Live Weather Forecast
Anjuna, India 31 ℃ Clear
Wind: 15 from the SW Humidity: 76% Pressure: 1010 mb Cloud Cover: 2%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Friday 24 Feb 35 ℃95 ℉ 23 ℃ 74 ℉
Saturday 25 Feb 35 ℃94 ℉ 23 ℃ 73 ℉
Sunday 26 Feb 34 ℃93 ℉ 23 ℃ 74 ℉
Monday 27 Feb 35 ℃94 ℉ 25 ℃ 76 ℉
Tuesday 28 Feb 38 ℃100 ℉ 24 ℃ 75 ℉

The summer season extends from the month of March to the month of May. Temperatures waver between 32 to 39 degrees Celsius in the day and the nights can get cooler than 28 degrees sometimes. May is by far the hottest month of the year and one might want to use sun tan lotion all along!


While the monsoons in Goa render the beaches practically unusable, numerous waterfalls and streams can be found if one is to venture inland. Furthermore, the sea really picks up and offers some amazing spectacles in the form of gigantic waves and sprays. Monsoons temperatures range from 22 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius and the nights can get cooler.


Goa can get pretty chilly inland during the winters with temperatures as low as 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. The beaches on the other hand are very comfortable to be at. Winters at Goa are by no means dry, and one completely enjoys the mild temperatures put together with the beaches.