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Amritsar Weather

After the withdrawal of monsoons in early September, the weather in Amritsar becomes pleasant with comparatively lower temperatures during the day and night. The succeeding winter season is cooler and is favourable for sightseeing and other outdoor activities. Thus, the best time to travel to Amritsar is from October to March.

Live Weather Forecast
Amritsar, India 35 ℃ Partly cloudy
Wind: 0 from the N Humidity: 60% Pressure: 1000 mb Cloud Cover: 50%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Friday 18 Aug 46 ℃114 ℉ 29 ℃ 84 ℉
Saturday 19 Aug 43 ℃110 ℉ 27 ℃ 81 ℉
Sunday 20 Aug 41 ℃106 ℉ 27 ℃ 81 ℉
Monday 21 Aug 41 ℃107 ℉ 27 ℃ 80 ℉
Tuesday 22 Aug 42 ℃107 ℉ 27 ℃ 80 ℉

Summer in Amritsar commences from the month of April and lasts till June. The temperature in summers can be as high as 45°C; hence, tourists generally keep off during this period.


With an average rainfall of 541.9 mm, the monsoon season in Amritsar is characteristic of mild to heavy rains. Accompanied by an appreciable drop in the day temperature, the months from July through September experiences a pleasant climate. From September to November is the post-monsoon season when nights become cooler.


The winters in Amritsar last from November to March, when frosts are common in the city. During this period, the temperature ranges from 4°C to 18°C and can occasionally drop slightly below the freezing point. Western disturbances affect the city in the cold season, causing widespread rain and stormy winds.