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Wagah Border, Amritsar

Must Visit

Wagah Border is an army outpost situated between the cities of Amritsar in Punjab, India and Lahore in Punjab, Pakistan. The only road borderline between the two countries, Wagah Border is marked by elaborate buildings, roads and barriers on its both sides. The entry gate of the outpost, called the Swarna Jayanthi Gate, commands a view of the lush environs.

Amritsar photos, Wagah Border - Women personnel
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What makes Wagah Border a must-visit place in Amritsar is the colourful ceremony known as ‘Beating the Retreat’. Conducted at the border gate every evening with pomp and pageantry, the ceremonial parade of Indian and Pakistani forces and the Change of Guard grabs a large gathering of locals and tourists. As the sun goes down, the 30-minute ceremony comes to an end with beatings of drums and beguiles and thunderous applause.

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