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Kolaba (or Koulaba) Fort, Alibag

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The Kolaba Fort should not be confused with the Colaba market Mumbaikars are so fond of! Located close to the shores of Alibag, This historic fort is supposed to be the last fort to be established by the great Maratha Warrior Shivaji Maharaj, before his demise.

Alibag photos, Kolaba (or Koulaba) Fort
Image source:Wikimedia
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At one point in time, the Kolaba Fort, also known as the Kulaba Fort, harboured a sweet-water well. There are several temples in the vicinity as well. One can notice carvings of animals like elephants and tigers on the entrance walls.

The 3 centuries old fort can be walked to from the Alibag beach, in times of a low tide. The Archaeological Survey of India demands an entry fee to this rustic monument.

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