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Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary, Ahmedabad

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Approximately 10Kms from the city of Ahmedabad, Thol Bird Sanctuary is a great getaway from the city. The lake and 7 Sq Kms area around it, declared in 1988, is considered as the sanctuary where migratory birds build their nest and breed as they get their required food from the farm and marshy lands adjacent to the lake and also from the water reeds in the shallow water.

Ahmedabad photos, Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary - Nature at its Best
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More than 100 species of birds like cranes, flamingoes, geese, ducks, spoonbills, pelicans, whistling teals, egrets, herons and many other come here amongst which the frequently noticed bird is the Indian Saras Crane with its characteristically lengthy legs and red head, pecking insects from the marshland. After the monsoon, from November to February is the best season to visit this lake.

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