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Sanskar Kendra, Ahmedabad


Sanskar Kendra, the cultural center of Ahmedabad was built by the world famous architect, La Corbusier, in 1954. Close to the Tagore hall and the National Institute of Design, this building is an extra ordinary example of modern architecture.

Ahmedabad photos, Sanskar Kendra - 220px-Sanskar_Kendra_Museum
Image source:Nizil Shah
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Presently Vastu Shilpa foundation takes care of this facility and with the help of old relics, sculptures, photograph, illustration or textual panels this center tries to portray the history of this city. Also, there is a Kite Museum with the rare collection of kites made by Bhanu Shah. He donated his collection of kites he gathered from his 21 years age, to this Kendra and made this museum a rare collection that gradually developed to its present stature.

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