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The Akshardham Temple is located in Gandhinagar which is around 30km from the city of Ahmedabad. This is a temple of the Swaminarayan sect believing in Sanatan Hinduism. The temple is made of pink sand stone and house the idol of SwamiNarayan, the founder of the sect. This temple has an idol of SwamiNarayan himself which is gold plated and also the idols of Swami Gunatitanand and Swami Gopalanand Swami on both sides.

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The temple has three floors- Hari Mandapam or the main floor, Vibhuti Mandapam or the upper floor, Prasadi Mandapam or the ground floor. The temple consists of 7 pillars, 210 single stoned beams, 25 domes and 8 zarokhas. Each pillar has wonderful carvings on it. No steel has been used in the total construction. Lot of filigree work has been done on the stone.

There is a light and sound presentation in the temple complex demonstrating the different incidents related to the Sanatan Hinduism. This show talks about Vedas, Puranas and the knowledge from the ancient Hindu texts. There is a passage way around the temple that is supported by 356 stone pillars. There is also an Applied Research in Social Harmony center that provides the opportunity of research for scholars.

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