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Bageshwar Nath Temple, Agra

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Agra city is home to a large number of temples including Mangaleshwar Temple, Shri Krishna Pranami Temple, Arya Samaj Temple and also probably the most famous temple dedicated to Swami ji Maharaj in Dayal Bagh.

Agra photos, Bageshwar Nath Temple
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Some of these city temples are devoted to Shiva. One such temple is Bageshwar Nath Temple. It is located in a posh Civil Lines area, close to Raja ki Mundi and off the Ramrattan Road. It is two kilometers from the centre of the city and lies in the neighborhood of St. John’s College and Sales Tax office. The temple is easily accessible by a network of city bus services.

The magnificently built temple houses more than ten Shiv Lingas. While it is venerated by a large number of the local residents, it is also one of the favorite tourist destinations for the tourists in India as well as from abroad.

It attracts large crowds of visitors during the festivals as it artistically adorned illuminated with bright colorful lights.

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