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Venuban Buddha Vihar, Agartala

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Venuban Buddha Vihar is the Buddha temple located 2 kilometres away from the Agartala city centre. It is a famous Buddha temple in the area and is famed to house a Buddha idol completely made of metal. It is believed that the legendary idol was made in Myanmar and later transported to its present location.

Agartala photos, Venuban Buddha Vihar - Copper coloured structure
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In Venuban Budhha Vihar, Buddha Purnima, the day which encompasses the birth, enlightenment and death of Lord Buddha, is celebrated with much gusto. The temple is decorated in colourful hoardings and it wears a general air of festivity. Many people from across the city and other places visit the Venuban Budhha Vihar to mark this occasion.

The Venuban Budhha Vihar is considered to be one of the important Buddha temples in India and is highly revered by Buddhists and followers of Lord Buddha. Apart from having a strong religious significance, the temple is also a popular tourist destination.


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