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Kamalasagar, Agartala


Kamalasagar is a beautiful, artificial lake located a few kilometres away from Agartala. It lies in the Indo-Bangla border. According to legends, the Kamalasagar Lake was dug out in the 15th century on the orders of Maharaja Dhanya Manikya, the then ruling monarch of Tripura. The Kamalasagar Lake is about 30 kilometres away from Agartala.

Agartala photos, Kamalasagar - A view of the lake
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On the banks of the lake, lies the famous Kali Mandir. It is believed that the lake has been standing tall since the 16th century. An idol of Goddess Durga is erected in the temple which is believed to be very old and is dated to sometime in the 12th century.

Thanks to the enchanting scenic beauty all around the lake, it is a very famous picnic spot too. Throughout the year, locals and tourists visit the lake. During the month of October, a mela (or fair) is held around the Kamalasagar Lake celebrating the Navratri festival.


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